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Latest News: DAC price rises 25% on 2nd December 

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The Dacxi Exchange has the highest possible security rating A+ : Fully Licensed to operate in EU and UK : FCA registration in hand

The Dacxi Bonus System

You get a 50% bonus when you buy a DAC Pack and a 10 percent bonus when you buy a Bundle : All bonuses are paid in DAC coins.

Earn Bonuses when you introduce others

Initially you will get a 500 DAC bonus when you introduce new purchasers
UPGRADE to Dacxi Partner to earn a 20% DAC bonus initially and further bonuses every time your customers top up.

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The DAC Pack 

100 percent DAC plus bonus of 20 percent DAC – for more rapid growth over the next 12 months

The Precious Metals Bundle

60 percent Gold, 15 percent Silver, 5 percent Platinum. 20 percent DAC,  – the simple,  safe and secure way to hold precious metals

The Blue Chip Bundle

50 percent Bitcoin, 20 percent Etherium. 20 percent DAC, 10 percent Litecoin – for steady growth in the medium term