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Laurie Traquair - proud to be a Dacxi Partner
Dacxi Bonus Offer – until 23 Sep

For more follow the ‘Beginners Guide to Crypto’, read the ‘Blue Paper’ and check out ‘More Information’

HOT NEWS: DAC coin price increases by 25 percent on September 23rd! PLUS 70% bonus on DAC purchases until that date!!

Bundle outperforms Bitcoin by 30 per cent – DAC Pack outperforms Bitcoin by 244 per cent and bundle by 131pc Dacxi is SAFE, SECURE and SIMPLE
The Dacxi Exchange has the highest possible security rating A+ : Fully Licensed to operate in EU and UK : FCA registration in hand


The Dacxi Bonus System

Until 23 Sept 2020 you get a 70% bonus when you buy a DAC Pack but this bonus will reduce to 50% after that date. You get 10% bonus when you buy a Bundle  : Bonuses are paid in DAC coins.

Earn Referral Fees when you introduce others

Get a 20% DAC bonus when you introduce new purchasers. DAC coins are added to your account which you can then withdraw as cash – simples!


The DAC Pack – 100 per cent DAC plus bonus  – for more rapid growth over the next 18 months

The Dacxi Bundle – 50 per cent Bitcoin, 20 pc Etherium. 20 pc DAC, 10 pc Litecoin – for steady growth in the medium term


This is an ORDER, not a commitment

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an email with a unique order number which you must use as the reference when you transfer your funds to ensure the money is credited to your account. You will need to place separate orders (with separate unique numbers) for the DAC Pack and the Bundle